Nasal and Sinus Congestion Symptoms and How to Get Relief with Vicks

Choosing the best medicine for nasal and sinus congestion for you

Vicks offers a variety of over-the-counter products that can treat your nasal congestion, sinus congestion, sinus pressure, and everyday congestion. The key is to narrow down what symptoms you are feeling so that you can pick the products with ingredients that treat your specific combination of symptoms. Use the Vicks Relief Finder for help on picking the best option for you.

Vicks Products for Nasal Congestion Relief

Nasal congestion, also known as stuffy nose, is when the lining of the nasal cavity becomes inflamed and swollen, which can cause mucus to build up. Nasal congestion is typically caused by one of two things—a viral infection (like a cold or flu) or allergies (often triggered by dust, pet dander, and more). Learn more about nasal congestion.

To relieve your nasal congestion symptoms, look for an OTC medicine with a decongestant like Phenylephrine or Oxymetazoline. Decongestants constrict enlarged blood vessels to shrink the swollen nasal tissues causing your stuffy nose. The ingredients label on the back of Vicks products will give the name of the active ingredient, and identify what type of active ingredient it is, to help clear up any confusion on the shelf.

Vicks Products for Sinus Congestion and Sinus Pressure Relief

Sinus congestion occurs when the lining of the sinus cavity becomes inflamed and swollen. When the sinuses are swollen, it can bring on symptoms like stuffy nose and/or pressure or pain around the forehead, in-between your eyes, on either side of your nose, or in your upper mouth. Like nasal congestion, it is often caused by allergies or a cold virus. Sometimes, sinus pressure can also lead to a sinus headache as a result of mucus built up in the sinuses. Learn more about sinus congestion.

Decongestants can also help relieve sinus congestion, working in the same way to provide symptom relief in the sinus cavities. If you are also experiencing sinus pain, look for an OTC medicine with a pain reliever, like acetaminophen, in it. Vicks has plenty of OTC multi-symptom medicines available, so be sure to check each label for the active ingredients, so you can pick a product that addresses more of your symptoms.

Vicks Products for Everyday Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can happen anytime for those who deal with year-round allergies. For more regular use, a drug-free saline nasal mist can help clear nasal passages from allergens, dust, and irritants, and clear congestion. Be sure to look for a saline nasal mist that is sterile with no added preservatives.