Relief You Feel

Smith Richardson, the boy who inspired VapoRub’s creation in 1894, understood better than most that Vicks products needed to provide relief you can feel. Recognizing that his father’s Croup & Pneumonia Salve contained unique and noticeable vapors, he recommended changing the product’s name to VapoRub in 1911, as well as changing the jar to the familiar blue color.

You’ve Got Mail

Vicks VapoRub sample

Vicks VapoRub sample, 1925

Vicks so wanted people to experience this unique relief that we inadvertently created the concept of junk mail! Beginning in 1917, the U.S. Postal Service began to allow the sending of mail to rural addresses without including the name of the individual for whom the letter or parcel was addressed to. This change allowed Vicks to send millions of samples to mailboxes, meaning that millions of people could use the VapoRub before having to purchase it.

Today VapoRub continues to have a powerful sensation of smell; it’s the 3rd most recognized scent in the world behind only peanut butter and coffee.

History of Relief

Vicks - History of Relief

Vicks Water Tower in 1920s

Other Vicks products throughout history have continued to provide relief that you can feel.

Vicks’ first cough drops in the 1930s were medicated and delivered sensations inspired by Vicks Vapors. Our cough drops of the 1960s soothed irritated throats to feel smoother and less scratchy. Families were pleasantly surprised that when trying NyQuil for the first time, that it delivered a soothing and warming sensation. Today’s Vicks VapoCOOL Drops and liquids are the latest examples of Vicks products that deliver relief you can feel.

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