Heritage of Care & Trust

Vicks has helped relieve cold and cough symptoms for over 125 years. It started in 1894, when a young pharmacist named Lunsford Richardson opened a store in Greensboro, NC to address the needs of his community. Lunsford created remedies to treat the ailments of his family, friends, and neighbors, becoming a trusted member of the community for the care he provided. He quickly developed a family of 21 remedies and began to sell them under the Vicks name. The most popular of these remedies was the Croup & Pneumonia Salve, which Lunsford created to sooth his own young son’s severe cough. Today we know this product as VapoRub.

How Vicks got its name

Vicks Founder, Lunsford Richardson, 1890

Lunsford chose “Vicks” over his own name as he was an avid gardener and saw an advertisement for “Vick’s Seeds.” He felt it was short, easy to remember, and looked good on a label. Dr. Joshua Vick was also the name of Lunsford’s brother-in-law, and as the long-serving town doctor he was equally trusted in the community and was happy to allow Lunsford to use his last name for his line of products.

Over 125 years later

Vicks VapoRub – Trusted Remedy for 125 Years

The Vicks legacy of care and trust continues today. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vicks donated to Direct Relief, one of the world’s largest medical relief organizations. The funds were used to equip front line health care workers with protective gear, and provide medicines and equipment needed to treat ICU patients. Vicks also participated and donated to Altisimo Live. This event celebrated the Hispanic frontline farm working communities impacted by COVID-19. Proceeds from Vicks and the event itself supported the Farmworkers Pandemic Relief Fund.

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