Why Take OTC LiquiCaps and Caplets for Cold & Flu?

Whether you’re dealing with a cold or the flu, common viral infections can come with a variety of uncomfortable and bothersome symptoms. For example, flu symptoms can include fevers, fatigue, aches, chills, and chest discomfort. If you have a cold, you may be more likely to experience symptoms like a stuffy nose, sore throat, and sneezing.

But life doesn’t stop when you have a cold, so taking cold and flu pills or cold and flu tablets can help relieve some of those symptoms that would otherwise leave you feeling miserable during the day and night.

LiquiCaps and Caplets vs Liquid OTC Cold & Flu Medicine

Over-the-counter cold and flu medications come in a variety of forms including solid cold and flu pills or liquid cough syrups. So how do you choose which form is right for you?

Solid medications like NyQuil and DayQuil LiquiCaps and Caplets are great options for taking your medicine on the go. They’re made in convenient single dosages, which means no measuring. You may also prefer solid medications if you don’t like the taste or feel of liquid cough syrup.

On the other hand, liquid OTC cold & flu medications may be easier to swallow than cold and flu pills or capsules.

NyQuil & DayQuil LiquiCaps and Caplets for Cold & Flu Symptom Relief

There are plenty of NyQuil and DayQuil pills that can help relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms.

If you prefer LiquiCaps, the DayQuil and NyQuil SEVERE Maximum Strength Cough, Cold & Flu Relief LiquiCaps Co-Pack can provide relief for nine of your worst cold & flu symptoms both night and day. Similarly, the DayQuil and NyQuil Cough, Cold & Flu Relief LiquiCaps Co-Pack target symptoms like headaches, fevers, sore throats, minor aches and pains, sneezing, runny nose, and cough.

On the other hand, if you prefer cold and flu capsules, DayQuil and NyQuil VapoCOOL SEVERE Maximum Strength Cold & Flu + Congestion Relief Caplets give you a powerful, cooling rush of Vicks Vapors and treat your most bothersome cold & flu symptoms.



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