VapoPatch™, Non-Medicated Soothing Vicks® Vapors, Wearable Aroma Patch


Vicks VapoPatch wearable aroma patches provide soothing, non-medicated Vicks Vapors in an easy-to-use patch that can be worn on your clothes. Experience the Vicks Vapor scent you know and love with no greasy or messy creams or ointments. Soothe your senses with Vicks VapoPatch. Each wearable patch contains a blend of eucalyptus and essential oils + the scents of menthol and camphor. Simply peel, apply to your shirt or other article of clothing, and experience the soothing, non-medicated, vapors. Each VapoPatch is long-lasting and can be worn up to 8 hours. Adults can wear up to 3 patches in 24 hours. VapoPatch can be worn during the day, or overnight while sleeping. VapoPatch can be used by adults and children ages 6+. Use only 1 patch at a time. Avoid using on delicate materials including corduroy, plastic, leather, silk, suede, velvet, or vinyl.

VapoPatch wearable aroma patches are non-medicated and not intended to treat cold or flu symptoms.