Vicks® VapoCream, Soothing Vapor Cream

Breathe in Vicks VapoCream soothing vapors. Easy to apply moisturizing cream. Use on chest, throat, and back up to three times daily.
  1. VICKS VAPOCREAM IS BACK! VapoCream combines delightful Vicks vapors in a moisturizing and easy-to-use cream
  2. THE POWER OF VICKS. Brought to you by the world’s #1 selling cough & cold brand
  3. EASY TO USE. Vicks VapoCream can be applied to your chest, back, and throat
  4. MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN with Vicks VapoCream
  5. LONG LASTING. Enjoy the long-lasting scent of Vicks vapors
  6. FOR AGES 2 years and up
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