Vicks® VapoBath™, Non-Medicated Bath Crystals


Tired of feeling stressed out all day? Then make a Vicks VapoBath part of your daily routine! Vicks VapoBath bath crystals are specially formulated to transform your bath into a soothing & relaxing experience. Let the soothing scent of Vicks create a little escape whenever you need it and in just 15 minutes you can get back to feeling like yourself again. Infused with a proprietary blend of eucalyptus and essential oils + scents of menthol & camphor, Vicks VapoBath delivers soothing non-medicated vapors for the ultimate bath time experience. Vicks VapoBath crystals are for anytime you need soothing or to relax & unwind. Perfect your relaxation ritual and transform an everyday bath into the ultimate relaxing moment with Vicks VapoBath.

Non-medicated. Not intended to treat cold or flu symptoms.