Vicks® Children's VapoCream™, Non-Medicated Vapor Cream

Vicks Children's VapoCream provides soothing non-medicated vapors in an easy to apply moisturizing cream. Soothe & comfort with Vicks Children's VapoCream. Use on chest, throat, and back up to three times daily. For use on ages 2 years and up.

Non-medicated. Not intended to treat cold or flu symptoms.

  • SOOTHE & COMFORT. Vicks Children's VapoCream combines delightful non-medicated vapors in a moisturizing and easy-to-use cream.
  • EASY TO USE. Vicks Children's VapoCream can be applied to chest, back, and throat.
  • MOISTURIZE THEIR SKIN with Vicks Children's VapoCream.
  • FOR AGES 2 years and up.
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